Services not only offers shared hosting and VPS but much more!

For all companies seeking technological solutions customized value-added offers Data Center services and Business Process Outsourcing in IT .

A dedicated consultant will follow you to build the solution that will best meet your needs in terms of technology , service levels and costs.

Services Data Center – innovative and cutting-edge , supported by industry professionals – allow your company to be more ‘ competitive and to exploit new technologies.
You need to expand your infrastructure or to implement a disaster recovery environment with more ‘ security of a data center in Switzerland?

The personalized services of ensure maximum reliability, lower costs and improved performance with a level of service equal if not greater than 99.95% . services ranging from traditional co- location up to innovative cloud infrastructure services , advanced CRM , backup services and disaster recovery.

Choose the best solution

The solution that best suits your needs can be achieved through a set of services hybrids of the data center. Services offer a fast and flexible access to the latest technology and are specially designed to meet your specific needs. Whichever option you choose will provide clear benefits.

The latest technology at your service

We have invested heavily in order to offer an impeccable service and quality and ensure that you can concentrate on the core activities of your business delegating the management of the infrastructure and technologies. The fact that everything is managed and maintained by us enables you to leverage the latest technology without having to invest in their infrastructure.

Global Support

Our data center services are complemented by technical assistance with multilingual support, including H24,
delivered through a multi-channel communication platform (phone, Ticket, chat, e-mail).

Call your personal advisor to the number 091 2087090 or contact u.s.,
we will contact you in a short time together to analyze your needs.

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